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Deconfusing Today's Complex Communications

Telecom & Datacom Advisors (TDA) brings a comprehensive approach to meeting today’s complex and confusing networking, security, and telecommunication challenges. Through a broad range of oversight and management services, our team can help you choose the correct telecommunications and data infrastructures which will prepare your company for success in the ever changing technological world we live in


What We Do

Network Administration

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TDA will work with your IT companies to create the perfect Network for your enviornment.  

Fiber Internet Projects

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TDA works with your Fiber providers to make sure the project is installed properly and on time.

Service Offerings

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TDA works with all service providers in your area to create the best redundant grouping of services available.

Network Design

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TDA will work in tandem with your service providers and your network managers to design the best network topology for your organization.

Cloud Services

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TDA works with AWS, Microsoft, Google and other Cloud providers to provide your organization with superior services while being cost effective as well.

IRR Calculations

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TDA has developed the “go to” Internal Rate of Return calculations for your organization.


Ask about TDA’s comprehensive approach to developing solutions for your company.

Thanks again for all your help with putting our project back on track and the savings you delivered was over and above what we were hoping for.

Sandra O

American Auto Dealer

We had know idea what we were up against with our new IT company search.  You guys made everything go smoothly and we could not have gotten everything right without you!    

Robert C


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